So my con list will be updated soon but for now:
Fanime 23-26 of may- with Taxikun
Sacanime August- with Pandaplants
Possibly Stocktoncon- with Pandaplants
And possibly kakencon October 4-5 - with Taxikun

I want to rewatch the letsplays

Getting ready for fanime so here’s the moon princess


I bought this amazing print at Kraken Con today by the lovely Rescoesto. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it. Luckily she still had it in stock when I went before we left the con. She’s really nice and a fantastic artist! Everyone should go follow her!

Ahhhhh I’m so glad you liked it!!!!! It’s my favourite piece and I was so glad you and others took to it! Thank you so much!!!

AOD Artist Alley 2014 ›

by taxikun

Tabling with :devophilino: at A36!!!
:devkidoairaku: at A18
:devchowpan: & :devbopx: at A35 right next to us ( ´∀`)♥


January 25-26, 2014
AA OPEN HOURS: (Sat) 10AM - 6:30PM
(Sun) 10AM - 5PM
San Francisco | CA | USA

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Thank you for everyone stopping by to talk and doodle on our table that pandaplants and I shared and thank you for all who became friends of the forest with me!!!! it means so much to me!!!!! if you missed the fun times, I’m planning on hanging with taxi at AOD and doin cool art things with my senpal!!!!! so please take the time and admire her beautiful art because let me tell you wow man!!!

lady-coyote asked: have you written out your gangster sailor moon au?? could i read it?

For the Sailor Moon AU I have not written anything for it, just drawings. I just finished the posters for the Outer scouts but im thinking of doing little short doodle comics for it : ) I would love to write something for it but alas I’m not talented in the way of words coming from my brain to paper nor speaking really! If I did see writings for it I’ll reblog them on here or maybe draw something for them : )

annnd here are the charms i’m selling for SacAnime in a few days!!!!!

kanaya west

when I’m nervous I draw Regular Show