Hey everyone! right now in my online store I’m having a 20% off sale to kick off Halloween!!! The code is resco20 so be sure to check it out! rescotime.storenvy.com!!!!

this is so olllldd. 

Some Utena love I’ve been feeling. Print available here (x)

Home is where the pants are not

ahh ive been so sick but atleast i could spit this out

Reposting Sketches from FB. I’ve noticed a re occuring theme of drawing Eridan…. laughs


for anyone still waiting on commissions:

I’ve been getting myself medically fit for a very important doctor’s visit supposed to happen today and its been a month long conditioning for it. after today depending on what the final medical verdict is, I hope to get started finishing all these commissions by this afternoon. It’s been a huge battle but it’s all almost done and I can also be getting ready to post art again soon


Hello!!!! I’m so happy to see so many nice new followers!!! and Hello to all my nice current followers! As I said above I’m trying to get better soon so I can be here much more often so thank you for your patience! There are going to be much more changes to my online stores as I hope to use Redbubble as well and much more often!


I want to rewatch the letsplays

#why’s michael got blue eyes?

fun fact that now is going to be a little obvious from now on: I’m partially colour blind to blues so I thought it was another colour but now ive been notified ding dong i was wrong ;-; hahaha

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woah apparently I never posted this?? my bad.

Hey everyone!!! I’m Doing preorders for my DmmD charms online right now in my Storenvy!

Theyre Acrylic 1.5” charms and suprisingly really sturdy!

you can either get the whole set or each one individually! Theyre on preorder until July 1st So get them while they last!